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After releasing of Microsoft Windows 8 on 1st August 2012; the first major update of windows 8.1 OS was released on 18 October 2013 in market. Windows 8.1 has includes many key functionality factors to make the touch experience more advance than ever before. Microsoft introduces some new features, functions, usability, technologies and apps in Windows 8.1 for making notebooks, tablets and computers advance. Windows 8.1 was officially launched at Microsoft developer's conference on 26 June 2013 in San Francisco USA. Windows 8.1 is the most recent release from Microsoft that is the first update after releasing windows 8. Now windows 8.1 is available at Microsoft store to buy/purchase easily at retail price. Microsoft gives a code name to windows 8 that is called "Blue".

DirectX 11.2:

Microsoft introduces best graphics support for game and 3D movie playing on windows 8.1 pro immediately. DirectX 11 was the most recent release from Microsoft and after releasing windows 8.1 pro it decides to update directx from 11 to 11.2. This version includes support for Blu-Ray and direct 3D movies and games support.

Application Details

Size: varies on version
Version: 8.1
License: Premium

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