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Lightshot Screenshot / screen grabbing application device this is used to take display screen photographs anywhere on microsoft home windows os. Lightshot Screenshot is today's version software program which allows the user to take png, jpeg and bmp images without delay. Display taking pictures is now a not unusual hassle for all people. Maximum of us specially wed designers, photograph designers, internet builders and professional laptop customers are the use of lightshot as a default photograph taking pictures software. Google chrome offers numerous extensions for screen shooting, mozilla firefox offers special add-ons for this be counted, opera additionally seeking to provide solution for its customers. Safari and net explorers are also working to make there browsers "developer's friendly" but they each are enough in the back of in this terminology.

How to Use Lightshot:

  • Press PrtSc/PrtScr button from keyboard
  • Select the specific area which you want as image
  • Resize the selection into any direction (if required)
  • Add any effect like text, color, arrow or with pencil
  • Upload that image directly to cloud (if required)
  • Take print directly, copy to clip board or share to social media (if required)
  • Now save the image into computer hard drive
  • Find more help and tutorials here

how to use lightshot

Application Details

License: Freeware
Price: Free
Platform: Windows

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