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PC Tools Registry Mechanic 11.1 is maximum popular software program developer that eventually release registry mechanic software program after freeing of laptop gear adware physician. Laptop gear registry mechanic is simple, fast and effective device that improves the performance of home windows registry editor.PC Tools Registry Mechanic 11.1 is capable of put off horrific or lacking entries from registry editor, restore broken or corrupted entries, put off greater and replica entries, restore windows boot load entries, backup home windows registry for later use, maintains your windows and registry clean and clean, day by day test and replace and many others. PC Tools Registry Mechanic 11.1 has scanning system that analyzes the pc home windows. It detects the terrible, replica, lacking or corrupt entries automatically. It takes only 3 simple and fast steps that make your working system sparkling.

  PC Tools Registry Mechanic 11.1 Boost Loading Speed:

Loading time of windows OS has a valuable thing because it shows complete information about performance and optimizing. There are millions of desktop computers, notebooks, laptops and tablets that are running windows XP, windows 7, windows vista and windows 8. Sometimes windows loading speed might be slows down just because the age of operating system. Registry mechanic optimize the booting and loading files of operating system so this will increase the loading speed of OS.

Accelerate Registry Editor:

Registry mechanic works like a doctor of computer that treats the computer as good as possible. 1 click optimization button will force the registry to improve it with perform an optimizing process. This will automatically repairs windows registry and remove un-necessary, bad, duplicate, missing, corrupted entries immediately. This process takes less time and works very perfectly.

Application Details

Size: 17.80 MB
Version: 11.1.0
License: Trial

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